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Look for our newest sire 2K Class Act at NWSS this week!



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Keene Winner
Supreme Champion Heifer
2012 Wisconsin State Fair

Congratulations Reba Keene!
Bred & Raised by us




Keene Winner
Grand Champion Steer
2011 Arkansas State Fair

Congratulations Cody Salmon!
Eye Candy Steer raised by us
Sold by Casey Curoe and Jeremy Clark




Keene Winner

2011 Wisconsin State Fair

Congratulations Reba Keene!




Grand Champion Angus Steer - WI State Fair

2009 Wisconsin State Fair

Bred by Scott Bayer Family
Sold by Abney Family Cattle
Raised by Us






Alternative combines the Angus genetics of the legendary "Lut" with the maternal genetics of HB Eileen 54P. This 6 year old maternal granddaughter of Eagle Scout (a three time National Champion Chianina Bull) with her fifth natural calf on the ground, has maintained a 364 day calving interval. A sire with this kind of "Maternal Power" and "Look" .... is your best ALTERNATIVE.

Watch for HB Alternative in Louisville!




EXAR Lutton 1831
Plainview Lutton E102
  Plainview Pride C123
WAR Wagonhammer 3521
HB Eileen 54P

HB Eileen 54 (Eagle Scout 2CA)


Chain Reaction


ACA #345084
1.77% Chianina 98.23% Angus
BW 94


Semen $25
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Chain Reaction

This outstanding Whiplash son combines the genetics of Meyer 734, Saugahatchee, Cunia, EXT and Stockman in a soft, sound, youthful package making him a must use female sire. Our first calves by Chain Reaction will highlight our sale



    Mr. Black GX 6W
Meyer Ranch 734
    Miss GX 728R


  Lupher C17  
    N Bar Emulation EXT
Lchman Saugahatchee 3000C
    Leachman 8C 7100
FA Rose 925
    PAF Stockbroker 18093

Brokers Rose KD 525

    Traveling Rose KD 313

Chain Reaction


Registered 1/4 blood Simmental #2522574
1/4 Simm 5/8 Angus 1/8 Maine

BW 103 |AWW 800 | AYW 1400



Semen $25
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Start A Chain Reaction in Your Herd!





Something Different

Something Different

PH/TH Free | BW 92 | WW 829

Semen $20
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Who Made Who
Doctor Who
Witch Doctor



HB Eileen

Eagle Scout







Keene Farms

Richard and Kris,
Tabitha, Joe, Reba, and Tom Keene
5579 Keene Drive
Potosi, WI 53820

Home: 608-763-2849
Richard: 608-778-0704





We are located 20 miles North of Dubuque, Iowa on US Hwy 35/61. Take Exit 8 at Dickeyville, WI, stay on 61, 7 miles North to Tennyson. Watch for our farm sign 1/2 mile North of Tennyson on Hwy 61.


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